Paolo Piva Auriana Armchair
  • Paolo Piva Auriana Armchair
  • Paolo Piva Auriana Armchair
If it were not for the fact that small armchairs were around before, you could be forgiven for thinking Paolo Piva invented this practical genre. While we may dream of owning a large and inviting armchair, few apartments really have enough room for one. With Auriana, Paolo Piva has once again proved himself to be a master of elegant lines and proportions. And Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten have demonstrated that quality and comfort can and must have their place even in the most confined spaces.

There is a strong tradition of small armchairs at Wittmann. The company's expertise in this area is hardly surprising when one considers that Piva's Aura has been a part of the collection for a quarter of a century — and neither is the intuitive understanding between designer and company.

Paolo Piva, one of the most successful international designers and architects, regards design as "a continuous process which starts with consciousness". This is how he sees his work too: a design is not merely the product of a certain idea or commission, but develops out of a continuous occupation with the theory of design.

Paolo Piva