Pablo Pardo Ventana Light Curtain
  • Pablo Pardo Ventana Light Curtain
A stunning adjustable light curtain that can be both a room divider and lamp combined. Its sheer woven fabric panels can be rolled down for privacy or rolled to up and out of sight to free up space. Ventana is both wall or ceiling mountable.

A hybrid lighting innovation that can be both a room divider and lamp, Ventana is a lamp + curtain that can be rolled down when you need privacy and rolled up and out of the way to create open space. Ventana can be hung from the ceiling or on a wall. The back to back (vinyl coated mesh) fabric can be adjusted to any length up to 9 feet depending on your preference. The lamp also features an adjustable light tube that can be dialed up for ambient lighting or downward for focused spotlighting. The lamp is available in both 15 and 30 inch widths by 9 feet long.

Contemporary home lighting is going through an evolution of sorts. We are witnessing a rediscovery of lighting design techniques developed long ago in theater, cinema, and used in public architecture. The Ventana, for example is illuminated and illuminating curtain, like the drapes hung on either side of the theater stage, could be an inspired stage-hand's idea for light.

To say that the Ventana updates the concept of the wall light is an understatement. Where other wall lamps might seek to be discreet and out of the way, the Ventana takes the term "wall lighting fixture" to another level. A curtain on a swing arm fixed to the wall, this contemporary wall light juts into space like a towel rod in a hotel bathroom. And yet it quickly makes itself welcome. For the Ventana interrupts a wall, gives pause to a room, and sheds a gorgeous light onto its curtain of shade.

A perfect example of a contemporary lighting solution, Pablo's Ventana becomes a design feature, an architectural comment, and a functioning light, all at the same time.

Pablo Pardo