Pablo Pardo Light Bench
  • Pablo Pardo Light Bench
The Light Bench provides the perfect interplay between utility and illumination. Suitable for displaying precious translucent objects , or comfortably providing seating for two . Perfect for entry ways, living areas or for display. Multiple benches can be arranged to create extended runways of light.

A low setting glowing cocktail tabletop that is perfect for any home living area, lounge, or wherever you like to entertain. The Light Bench is also suitable for displaying photos and other objects of desire. Available with white translucent acrylic top with clear acrylic support ends.

The Light Bench is as inspired as it is inspiring; allow its illuminating surface to bring life and definition objects allowing you to experiment with arrangements of translucent objects, glass ware, and more.

As a lamp it is unlike any other, it quickly dispenses with any need for a table lamp because it is one. Pablo's unique table light is strong enough to serve as a functioning bench, and makes a unique addition to the contemporary home. Try it along side a couch, as you would any modern coffee table. Or position it in the room as a bench.

Pablo Pardo