Pablo Pardo Io Task Lamp
  • Pablo Pardo Io Task Lamp
Used like a joy stick, this multi-position task lamp simply balances into its lower base unit and can be tilted to any position via its spherical base. It also features a smooth rubber sleeve arm which also acts to conceal its extendable telescoping antenna exoskeleton. Best New Product Award 2000.

Revolutionary multi-position desk lamp that telescopes from 20" to 26" in length and rotates to any desired angle depending on the task at hand. The IO Task lamp is ideal for home and office. Winner Best New Product, Accent on Design 2000.

Pablo Pardo's technical innovations once again prove that consumer lighting products can be as ingenious as they are elegant. The IO task lamp makes a perfect addition to the office, be it at work or at home. A desk lamp as smart as they come, the IO provides a fully adjustable source of light by virtue of the joystick-like interaction of its base and arm.

The light from this task lamp can be directed wherever you need it with a simple rotation. And its arm is extendable should you need to raise the lamp higher from the desk. Bring your ideas to light with this modern desk lamp and bask in the light of innovation.

Pablo Pardo