Pablo Pardo Elise Lamp
  • Pablo Pardo Elise Lamp
The timeless Elise lamp pays tribute to the advent of the machine age. Its refined machined aluminum base combined with its towering frosted diffuser serves the perfect combination for elegant lighting. The lamps feature a full range dimming capability to set the mood in any setting.

Classic cylinder accent lamp. Perfect for any room, for any occasion. The base is machined aluminum with a frosted polycarbonate diffuser.

Pablo's Elise floor lamp is pure modernism, a beam of light captured in an elegant tower. In spite of its perfect simplicity, the Elise doesn't disappear from the space it illuminates, but occupies it as architecture and as furniture: contemporary and modern. With the ambient light provided by a single Elise, or with several grouped together, you can inherit creative vision of the finest modern lighting inspirations.

Consider the Elise for its architectural value as well as its beautiful ambient light. Modern in its design, the Elise is a simple and perfectly-executed column. As a contemporary floor lamp it is a beam of light. Pablo's insistence on detailing and finish delivers a piece of contemporary furniture that is just as appealing on or off.

The Elise can be used to great effect as an ambient lamp when set up as a pair, or a group of three or more lamps. Together these floor lamps then can be dimmed to different degrees. You get a compelling source of light, and that exemplary modern design that transcends its function. Try it!

Pablo Pardo