Pablo Pardo Cortina Lamp
  • Pablo Pardo Cortina Lamp
The timeless Cortina lamp is architectural simplicity. Its stoic clear acrylic shade uses a sensual translucent fabric diffusor to shield the lamps' dimmable light source. Cortina allows you to set any mood depending on the moment.

The timeless Cortina lamp is architectural simplicity. Its alluring translucent fabric diffuser shields the lamp's dimmable light source. Cortina allows you to set any mood depending on the moment. The Cortina is composed of a Polycarbonate shade with white polyester fabric diffuser, powder coated die cast iron base unit and equipped with full range dimmer.

Modern design is known for its smooth surfaces, simple curves and assured forms. Modernism does away with the superfluous flourishes and ornamentation of baroque and organic profusions. It works through reduction and relaxation, a pursuit of a single idea produced and reinforced through subtle and elegant repetition. A modern design innovation that is contemporary while appearing timeless.

The Cortina floor lamp is an ambient light whose tone and character is obtained from the curtain-like fabric stretched within the light's architecture. Here is modernism at its best: a lighting idea conceived in the layering of translucent panels with a single light source that generates a pleasant and uniformly modern ambiance.

The lamp shade's inner fabric is, in the words of its designer Pablo Pardo, “sensual and organic”. In contrast the Cortina’s outer paneling presents a face that is more nonchalant and consistent. Pablo's insights take shape in the Cortina as a lamp that is stoic and clear on the outside, but sensitive and perceptive on the inside. Many a modern philosopher would be pleased with a lamp whose spirit can project so resolute an idea with such variation in its source...

The Cortina's architectural simplicity conceals modern design innovation and design ingenuity. Contemporary lighting designer Pablo Pardo's idea for layering the diffuser around a light source produces a unique kind of ambient light. If you take creative pleasure in the design of your home, be it contemporary, modern, or traditional, the Cortina ambient floor lamp will provide you with the kinds of lighting options you will appreciate.
Its cast iron base commits it to the floor and achieves a kind of modern gravity. As a light it is fixed and stable. As form it is present and stands resolute. From this anchor it is then yours to light the room, with the full spectrum made possible by a full-range dimmer.

Pablo Pardo