Omer Arbel 19 Bowl
  • Omer Arbel 19 Bowl
  • Omer Arbel 19 Bowl
  • Omer Arbel 19 Bowl
Series 19’s are made of 100% recycled copper at the oldest foundry on the West Coast of Canada, located in East Vancouver. In addition to being numbered and dated, subsequent pieces bear a mark indicating the weight of copper used to make the piece. Pricing is based on a combination of a conventional retail cost plus the calculated market value of copper on the day of the sale.

Omer Arbel says “This piece is a step forward for our practice because it marks, perhaps, the maturity of a concept we’ve been struggling with for many years. We have always taken an interest in formal motivation, and have wondered about the conceptual rigor of justifying formal decisions in different ways. It has been a long process, but the practice has evolved to its current position, which is that our role is simply to design conceptually motivated fabrication processes”.

Diameter 280 mm, 540 mm, 800 mm

Omer Arbel