Julle Oksanen and Vesa Honkonen Plate Lamp
  • Julle Oksanen and Vesa Honkonen Plate Lamp
- Designed for contemporary architecture - Minimalist design expression - Indirect, soft & diffuse illumination - Floating glass plate concept ensures majority of light is directed downward - Defined glass form provides ambient illumination

Plate provides indirect, soft and diffuse light. The concept of the glass plate as a floating reflector directs the major part of the light downward. Two layers of sandblasted glass with a centre laminate allow light transmission both horizontally and vertically, defining the glass shape and providing ambient lighting.

Finish: Darkgrey metallic, powder coated. Laminated glass.

Plate started out as a custom design product for the Art Museum Kiasma in Helsinki, Finland. Even though the Plate was not used for that particular project, a larger family member called the “Curve” was then created. Curve is designed with a curved piece of glass. The idea behind the Plate was to create a minimalist fixture in sync with contemporary architecture, and at the same time dealing with a conscious use of the light source. The design expression is minimalistic and makes the fixture suitable for similar architectural environments.

Julle Oksanen
Vesa Honkonen

Louis Poulsen