Norway Says Spline Collection
  • Norway Says Spline Collection
  • Norway Says Spline Collection
  • Norway Says Spline Collection
The collaboration between OFFECCT and Norwegian design trio Norway Says on the café chair SPLINE has been a success. At the Stockholm Furniture Fair an easy chair and bar stool were launched in the range. The chairs have a transparent, functional design which works equally well indoors or out. SPLINE's interesting 3D aspect is created by rods, which lend a sculptural ethos. The chairs boast simplicity, both in material and form. The new bar stool and easy chair have their own character but reflect the special style and exciting design of the range as a whole.

"With the development of the new SPLINE chairs, we have also further enhanced the seating comfort," says Torbjörn Anderssen, one of the design trio.

The SPLINE chair is made of metal rods treated with a rubber material to give a hardwearing, longlasting finish. The chair is subtle in design, and the simplicity of the shape grants it several interesting functions. The chairs are stackable and thanks to the narrow rods, they dry quickly if they get wet. The wiry effect also produces a dramatic shadow in the sunlight.

"When we designed SPLINE, we wanted simplicity in the material and a design with sculptural qualities. The seat and back create a fun, three-dimensional form. The chair is made of one material and one surface, permeated always by simplicity. With SPLINE we managed to combine everything in one," says Andreas Engesvik, one of the designers behind SPLINE.

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