NORR11 Frame Collection
  • NORR11 Frame Collection
  • NORR11 Frame Collection
  • NORR11 Frame Collection
The frames Alice and Ada are made of iron wood in traditional Balinese handicraft, decorated with magnificant carvings, in black color option. This massive frame of real iron wood is made to hold a mirror, it can also be used as a frame for a photo or let it simply stand against the wall as a decorative element. The extravagant detail reflects traditional artisan craftwork in its purest form and makes each of these frames an authentic and unique piece of furniture. Available in two sizes. Please notice that this product is handcrafted of natural materials and by that absolutely unique and most authentical. The texture and shape of the product is a direct reflection of the materials natural growth. Thus the products look might slightly differ from the image shown in the shop. Smaller fissures and distortions as well as a natural exude of moisture are an absolutely natural process with rough or untreated wood materials.

Color selection-Black color black

Ada frame
Height: 160 cm
Length: 110 cm

Alice frame
Height: 120 cm
Length: 80 cm
Width: 5,5 cm