Norm Architects Fire Torch Garden Furnishings
  • Norm Architects Fire Torch Garden Furnishings
  • Norm Architects Fire Torch Garden Furnishings
Menu’s new, tall sculptural torch is a fascinating sight. The design company Menu introduces a new, tall outdoor torch designed by Christian Bjørn, who also created Menu’s successful Lighthouse series.

The new, slender torch measures about 1.5 m tall and is very elegant with its matt black surface and sculptural form, which discretely leaves all attention to the large flickering flame on top. The torch can be “planted” in grass or earth, or placed in Menu’s new frost proof concrete torch base, which is also designed by Christian Bjørn and fits with all of Menu’s tall torches. The torch and base can be used outdoors all year round. The torch is constructed with weatherproof materials so that it can remain outside in the summer and winter.

Fire Torch serve as sources of light, warmth and homely calm, and lives up to its name and lights up your garden or porch. Fire Torch, which due to the long spike-shape of the bottom, can be placed anywhere in your garden and moved around to fit the occasion.

The actual torch is made of matt black steel with an aluminium shaft, oil reservoir in stainless steel and plastic, and a nearly indestructible fibreglass wick that burns steadily outdoors. The torch also includes a black plastic wick cover that can be placed on top after use to prevent rain and snow from filling the oil reservoir.

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