Nils Grunnet-Jensen Le Klint 122 Lamp
  • Nils Grunnet-Jensen Le Klint 122 Lamp
Inspired by the LE KLINT universe of hand-pleated lampshades and high-quality craftsmanship, Nils Grunnet-Jensen designed the Lounge series for LE KLINT in 2009. The series features a very slim shade, which takes up less space than a traditional LE KLINT lampshade but provides the same amount of light. This modern LE KLINT lamp can be used more or less anywhere. In addition to the pendant, the series includes Model 322 standard lamp.

Material Plastic foil
Frame Incl. frame
Length 73
Width 21
Height 14
Light Source Incl. TL5-fluorescent tube 24 W

Nils Grunnet-Jensen

Le Klint