Nika Zupanc Tailored Chair
  • Nika Zupanc Tailored Chair
Tailored Chair is not about parts or materials. Tailored Chair is a story about soft universal feminine forms. It is about a personalized, custom-made selection of colours, fabrics, accessories and prints, each of them evoking a completely new meaning that the chair assumes with each new outfit.

By using embroidery and advanced, cutting-edge materials, by being sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish, the chair has an ambition to represent in a symbolic way the haute couture in sitting furniture. This is also the reason why the shape of the chair and its base were actually inspired by the shape of fabric dummies that are usually used in tailoring houses for tailoring custom-made clothes.

Far from being just another piece in anybody's living or dining room or bedroom, TAILORED chair is a royal female - stubborn, abrupt and forceful. Conveniently, of course, she is dressed in charming materials and teasing forms.

"I believe that story-telling is, first and foremost, a very important part of contemporary design. In my opinion the modern phrase "form follows function" still holds true, but the meaning of the phrase in the new millennium has been somewhat stretched.

The emotive value, or even more accurately, the emotive ergonomics of products in mass production are something that I consider to be a necessary function (and never just an ornament or decoration). Finally, this is one of the most important parameters within my design process.

My work in general is inspired by role of a woman in a contemporary society, by everyday routine, by love, commitment, clich's, and even by taboos. This is why I am interested in creating furniture with a feminine sensibility, and, naturally, with a twist in terms of the meaning these objects carry and possess."Nika Zupanc

Nika Zupanc