Niels Bendtsen Mick Stool
  • Niels Bendtsen Mick Stool
With his roguish ‘lips’ Mick seems to always welcome us with a broad smile

Many modern homes are equipped with comfortable kitchens where people not only eat their meals but also can sit back and relax as well. It is these types of kitchens we had in mind when we designed ‘Mick’, our brand-new bar stool. With a seat consisting of two hollow, geometric shapes, the stool gives your body the kind of support you need, providing firm seating despite the stool’s compact size. The small, solid seat is luxurious with beautifully detailed upholstery. You can use any high quality leather cover by Montis to customise 'Mick' to your style.

‘Mick’ is infinitely adjustable in height, with gas-cylinder height adjustment ranging from 59-84 cm. The chair’s telescopic positioning mechanism provides additional comfort. NEW! Now Mick is also available in a fixed counter and barstool version, these one's are not adjustable in height.

Mick's proportions are (w x d x h):
Chair: 50 x 43 x 92 cm
Seat height: 59 - 84 cm

Mick counter (not adjustable):
Chair: 50 x 43 x 72 cm
Seat height: 64 cm

Mick barstool (not adjustable):
Chair: 50 x 43 x 91 cm
Seat height: 83 cm

Niels Bendtsen