Nextspace Reef Table Lamp
  • Nextspace Reef Table Lamp
  • Nextspace Reef Table Lamp
As the name indicates Reef Table is intended for use on desks and nightstands, bureau, sideboards and chest-of-drawers. The light which is diffused by the openings of the porous foamed ceramic creates a relaxed mood and makes the luminaire head shimmer, by contrast the light emitted downwards is bright and free of shadow. It is not only suitable for home use but also hotel rooms, bars and lobbies.

Just like its sisters Reef Table is characterized by its clean-cut, geometric shape: the typical foamed ceramic cylinder and square, solid aluminum section. To be more exact, the round shade is suspended on a hexagon socket screw from the horizontal section of an upturned L. The dishwasher-safe ceramic shade has a matt white finish, while the rest of the luminaire body is gloss-polished or brushed aluminum. Like its relatives no switch mars the streamlined look, Reef Table is operated via a cord intermediate dimmer.

foamed ceramic with internal reflector, solid aluminum section,
brushed or gloss-polished

Light source
60W high-voltage halogen bulb (Halopin), max. 60W / G9

laterally diffused through shade, downward direct

can be dimmed via a cord intermediate dimmer