Nendo Maki Light
  • Nendo Maki Light
  • Nendo Maki Light
  • Nendo Maki Light
  • Nendo Maki Light
Taking two sheets of paper and rolling them together to create something like a shell or a flower. A simple gesture creates a form that is legible but at the same time poetic and exciting.

Maki, which means 'to roll' in Japanese, was created in this way: two metal sheets were rolled like paper and slipped one inside the other, thanks to openings that become invisible when the lamp is assembled.

Maki is poetry, both because of the effect it creates in a space and because of the central role of its beam of light. An atmospheric glow emerges from the rolled edges to both soften the volumes and produce a strong decorative impact.

Thanks to its delicate, almost impalpable body and the neutral colours in which it is made – white and pale grey – Maki allows the light to be the heart of the design; The illumination itself becomes the lamp's colour source and visual presence through a contrast of light and shadow. The suspension light, with its beam directed downwards, fits perfectly in both residential and contract spaces, especially when used in multiples down a line.

It is also available with an LED bulb, for situations in which energy saving is important.

diameter 90 mm
pendant length 2000 mm