Naoto Fukasawa Bincan Energy Desk
  • Naoto Fukasawa Bincan Energy Desk
  • Naoto Fukasawa Bincan Energy Desk
  • Naoto Fukasawa Bincan Energy Desk
Since 2004 the Bincan system has been enriched of elements suitable for indoor and outdoor, public and private spaces. Their line is neat and basic, almost iconic, and they fit in any environment giving an elegant touch: a hanger, three tables of different heights, an umbrella holder, an ashtray/ small object container, an entry barrier, a book stand, a floor lamp and as of today a small desk.

The Bincan desk is a personal working area, ideal for home environments, very useful in shared areas. Bincan Energy Desk’s greatest innovation is a combination of different functional aspects: a worktop, focused illumination and a feeding outlet. The working space is fully accessorized, the line of the shapes is neat and quality design is unquestionable. In this neutral area where the detail is well taken care of, the user feels at ease and well attended.Perfect for the worktop is the elegant Itka Lamp.

The new mini and LED versions ensure an appropriate worktop illumination with a very low consumption (only 4W) and a diffused light emission through an opaline glass that feels like velvet at the touch, which invites the user to come close and interact with it. Hidden in the base, is an electrical USB socket that allows for digital product battery recharge.

The classic Bincan system basket surrounds one of the two legs and can be used as a wastebasket or a recycle bin. Therefore, this simple and basic working area is fully functional. Every detail has been thought out to assure convenience and care for the user.

width 1000 mm
height 670 mm
depth 500 mm

Naoto Fukasawa