Nani Marquina Vora Rug
  • Nani Marquina Vora Rug
It’s simple, sober, resilient and honest, just like the fibre it’s made from: jute. The Vora series is the result of the experience of creating a plant fibre rug usually woven with wool, with all its appearance, but created with the honesty of jute, which shows different shades and levels of brightness when dyed. It is pleasing to the touch, evoking many different sensations, born from innovation and experimentation.

Its borders add contrast and help give more information about the richness of its raw material. Different sets of combinations are helped by a selection of four colours: red, green, black and natural, which make them timeless pieces, adaptable to a number of environments. The changes in shade at the edges help to delimit and define spaces.

Fiber: 100% Jute
Manufacturing: Manual
Technique: Hand knotted
Density: 48.000 knots/m2
Hair Height: 11 mm
Overall height: 15 mm
Weight: 4,75 kg/m2
Custom sizes

Nani Marquina

Nani Marquina