Nana Bambuch Code 3 Shelf
  • Nana Bambuch Code 3 Shelf
  • Nana Bambuch Code 3 Shelf
One height, one width, one depth.

A self contained shelf unit with fixed divisions and without visible construction elements.
The innovative sandwich construction makes a very thin and stable shelf unit possible.

The aesthetic of the shelf is based on graphical structures borrowed from the cladding of Modern architecture. The simple outer-form is an exciting contrast to the differentiated interior. The four compartment sizes can accommodate a wide range of articles - files and box-files, paperbacks, DVDs and CDs. The shelf is ideal for use in all living quarters, the kitchen, office or atelier.

Shelfs in line create a dynamic structure.

Shelf, MDF anthracite, veneered
Oak, American cherry, American walnut
Edge MDF anthracite unvarnished
Material thickness 10mm, feet aluminium, h 2cm
to line up

Shelf with fixed sizes, to line up
MDF anthracite, veneered with American walnut, American cherry, oak, edges unvarnished

h 80 w 119 b 30

Nana Bambuch