Monica Förster Flow Armchair
  • Monica Förster Flow Armchair
  • Monica Förster Flow Armchair
An essential elegant design. Extreme metamorphic synthesis of functional elements and designs. The Flow armchair was designed specifically for the Palacio de Congresos de Badajoz and recalls the gentle flow of a wave.

Steel support structure. Cold-pressed fireproof polyurethane foam padding. The seat and seat back curves have been studied to guarantee maximum comfort. Seat springing by means of elastic strips. A spring mechanism returns the seat to its original position whilst closing the armrest. The unusual shape of this armchair means that when closed it takes up very little space. A central metal cylindrical pedestal finished in scratch and mark-resistant epoxy powder fixes the item to the floor. Straight row installation. For curved installation the armchairs are independently positioned.

Monica Förster

Poltrona Frau