Monica Armani Tosca Coffee Table
  • Monica Armani Tosca Coffee Table
Tosca, an inspired ode to femininity. Rounded forms, elegant legs and an inviting, visually attractive seating shell, the Tosca collection is unquestionably a celebration of womankind. An effect that is further emphasized by the muted matching tones. This is the first time the Belgian outdoor manufacturer TRIBÙ has called upon a female designer. Femininity and emotion were key words in designing this luxury collection, in which an elegant seating shell of extra wide, vertical braiding is borne by elegant, tapered legs. And to add a little background: the Tosca collection owes its name to a Puccini opera; a love tragedy that takes place in Rome in 1800, in which a woman plays the leading part.

Materials: innovative braiding. Innovative, weatherproof materials, preceded by thorough research, form the TRIBÙ trademark. A passion TRIBÙ shares with the Italian designer and architect Monica Armani and her husband Luca Dallabetta, an engineer responsible for the technical side of the design. This has resulted in the Tosca collection receiving twice as much dedication, and achieving a high standard of technical perfection. The requirements were very strict.

The material for the braiding not only needed to be soft to the touch and have a natural appearance, it also needed to be 100% weatherproof. A long, intense development period ultimately resulted in a material that all parties were happy with, and that can be defined as innovative.

width 980 mm
height 315 mm
length 860 mm

Monica Armani