Michael Lin Formosa Rug
  • Michael Lin Formosa Rug
  • Michael Lin Formosa Rug
Created by the versatile and authentic Japanese artist Michael Lin, Formosa evokes the name 16th-century Portuguese sailors gave to the island of Taiwan The rug’s delicate and attractive style combines Pop aesthetics with Taiwanese pictorial tradition. Following this tradition, it took three years of meticulous work to reproduce the subtle use of colour on wool that is characteristic of Lin, who specialises in transforming large, cold and bland spaces into luminous organic fields of intense shades. The type of knot used to make this rug makes it 40% denser than other hand-knotted rugs, and consequently, it has more weight and better quality. Pure harmony, in red or blue.

Fiber: 100% Wool (New Zealand)
Manufacturing: Manual
Technique: Hand knotted
Density: 86.000 knots/m2
Hair Height: 11 mm
Overall height: 15 mm
Weight: 4,50 kg/m2
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Michael Lin

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