Michael Eden Audrey Light
  • Michael Eden Audrey Light
  • Michael Eden Audrey Light
The Audrey Light by Micheal Eden was designed in two forms, differing in dimension whilst remaining consistent in their portrayal of the designer's initial inspiration, the Continuous Profile - Head of Mussolini.

The main body of both lights is suspended from steel cables with its shape creating silhouettes of Bertelli's mirrored faces. Hereby, Eden creates the designs' contours following the same principles as he did in the creation of the silhouette of his vase for the Venini collection. Both suspension lights create the illusion of two faces filling the space around the solid glass form of the pieces.

All components of the lights are hand-blown and together with art historical source of inspiration, enable the designer to portray age-old ideas and methods in a modern and exquisite form.

Michael Eden

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