Mathieu Matégot Coat Rack
  • Mathieu Matégot Coat Rack
  • Mathieu Matégot Coat Rack
Mathieu Matégot’s organic forms and lightness of touch in his designs create a sense of joy. At the same time he used groundbreaking and innovative techniques. This resulted in complete unique aesthetic and, above all, contemporary designs.

The Matégot Coatrack is designed in 1954 and is one example of Matégot’s designs where changing everyday objects and playing with shapes has been in focus. The coatrack is an unusual and attractive alternative to the uninspiring coat racks typically found in modern entrances.

The coatrack centre is made of brass and the three coat arms are made of black powder coated metal.

Multicolour ends and black ends

H: 34 cm, W: 38 cm, D: 20 cm

Mathieu Matégot