Matali Crasset Xtra Room
  • Matali Crasset Xtra Room
Matali Crasset has always been interested in the principle of building/unbuilding articles in the living space. Flexible, therefore her Interior Xtra room refuge, according to needs and wishes, can be unfolded or removed.

Putting up a passing friend in the house, cutting oneself off to work, read, watch television, the Xtra room offers a better management of space by From the simple principle of a trunk/posts, the Xtra room makes it possible to build a structure which, according to the number of elements assembled, becomes a screen, a private corner or a real refuge.

Completed by a felt-lined skin, the hut becomes homely and welcoming, suitable to carrying out a large number of activities in a single open area.

A tool for partitioning the area, the Xtra room refuge is a light alternative to building walls.

Matali Crasset