Martino Gamper Sessel Chair
  • Martino Gamper Sessel Chair
With his exhibition "100 chairs in 100 days" Gamper celebrated the fact that there is no perfect chair by studying and reassembling every archetype in a somewhat impulsive fashion. His creation of the Sessel was driven by a fascination of the traditional bentwood archetype and the way in which its industrialised production has been mastered throughout its 150 year long history.

Aspiring to create his first production chair, Gamper dissembled the bentwood archetype to then rejoin the components and letting the assembly of the pieces create the Sessel's shape. Rather than aiming to revolutionise the bentwood chair, Gamper decided to tweak the iconic original. He intelligently added strength to the joins through square bentwood panels eliminating the need for a supportive ring and creating a more angular aesthetic.

Gamper further injected his own spirit by utilizing different woods and colours. True to his nature of enjoying ongoing design development, Gamper there by created multiple configuration possibilities of the Sessel.

Martino Gamper

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