Martin Visser Br 12 Sofa
  • Martin Visser Br 12 Sofa
In the sixties designer Martin Visser designed several sofas for Spectrum’s collection. The BR 02.7, the slim sofa bed with a loose armrest, has always been produced ever since, and has become a true classic. However the demand for the other versions always remained.
Based on Visser’s design BR 43, a sofa bed with 2 fixed arms and a clear sixties signature, Spectrum expands the collection with sofa BR 12.

Also this sofa has the possibility to turn the sofa into a daybed, although the size in between the arms of 192 cm, for a sofabed will be quite small for some people nowadays. However, this possible alternative position of the seat of the sofa, also allows people to sit in a more relaxed and stretched way. Something that is used more and more these days!

Martin Visser

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