Martin Visser and Ruud Jan Kokke TC Stool
  • Martin Visser and Ruud Jan Kokke TC Stool
  • Martin Visser and Ruud Jan Kokke TC Stool
Leight-weight, strong and stackable
Starting September 2013, the classics collection of Spectrum is expanded with an already known design: stool TC, designed in 1989 by Ruud-Jan Kokke. The stool was developed at the request of mrs. Trees Coenders of the Museum Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. It was her name that lead to the name TC stool.

The museum has a lot of guided tours and was looking for a stool that one could take along during these tours. Several alternatives were used already, but were too heavy, fingers were clamped when folding up, or legs were hurt and walls were damaged by sharp edges. For this reason the stool TC was developed: lightweight (less than 1 kg), with round shapes and a grip.

The TC stool is part of the collection of several museums: Museum of Modern Art New York, Cooper Hewitt Museum New York, Museum für Angewandte Kunst Cologne and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
TC also won several prices such as the Price of the Design Yearbook 1998 and the first price on the International Contemporary Furniture Fair ICFF in New York.

Product information.
The TC stool is made of thin birch multiplex which is especially produced for the aircraft industry. The two millimeter thick plate of “airplane triplex” consist of 4 extremely thin veneer layers. This results in a light and strong stool base. The flat plate is folded and glued together after which the seat is inserted from the inside. This seat causes the oval shape. The grooves give the stool also a visually light appearance.
TC is handmade in Holland, by using high quality materials.
Available in natural birch, matt lacquered, or black stained

Martin Visser
Ruud-Jan Kokke

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