Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli Cand-led Lamp
  • Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli Cand-led Lamp
It reminds you of antique candle-holders: a small table candle that works with a LED, making it extremely sophisticated while at the same time preserving the pleasure of having a flame on the table.

That's what makes it so special: the combination between an ancient symbol and modern technology.

Lamp fitted with rechargeable batteries for use without mains connection, easy to carry without wires, and with 8 hours of battery autonomy. Fitting equipped with external battery charger.

Technical data
Table lamp giving diffused light, with LED. Lampshade in transparent PMMA. Satin anodised aluminium base-cover. Supplied with re-chargeable batteries for use without connection to the mains.With battery charger and coloured plastic filters.

Marta Laudani
Marco Romanelli