Mario Botta Kauri Table
  • Mario Botta Kauri Table
  • Mario Botta Kauri Table
  • Mario Botta Kauri Table
  • Mario Botta Kauri Table
  • Mario Botta Kauri Table
The Kauri millenarian swamp - Timber with an Ancient Soul.

There is a breath of infinite time in Kauri timber, the largest and most famous New Zealand tree, a conifer that thrives only in sub-tropical climates.

"Agathis Australis" is the scientific name for a tree that appeared during the Jurassic period before man had set foot on the earth and which grew in virgin forests.
Cataclysms and natural disasters, which took place at the end of the glacial period, razed entire forests, covering them with water and mud.
And, it is from these swamps, a nest of mud, that Kauri has come to life again, splendid and in tact as though it had just been felled.
The conservation of the Kauri and the slowing of the natural decomposition process takes into account various factors and those factors which seem to have a fundamental role are the large quantities of resins present in the timber.
According to recent studies, the resin contains certain remedial and impermeable ingredients which protect the bark from mould and water.
The millennium Kauri is found only in the genuine swamp regions in the north of New Zealand. Once a site has been identified, samples are taken for carbon dating 14. The dating of the various timbers, which ranges from 7 thousand to 50 thousand years, is determined by the diverse colour tones of the timber.

It is with this unique timber that has took place refined and exclusive ideas for furnishing accessories of an unsurpassable quality. It is not simply by chance that all this is taking place under the auspices of Riva 1920 where timber has always been the driving force.

Given its extraordinary intrinsic characteristics, "ancient swamp KAURI wood" cannot be considered as if it were just any wood: thus any movement, cracks and changes in the wood compared with its condition at the moment of purchase should not be attributed to imperfections of the product, but rather to natural adjustment of the KAURI wood to its new environmental conditions.

An object made of KAURI wood is a byword for exclusivity, guaranteeing the customer a product which is both completely unique and unrepeatable.

L 1200 x W 180 cm

Mario Botta

Riva 1920 Industria Mobili SpA