Mario Bellini Sudoku Shelving
  • Mario Bellini Sudoku Shelving
  • Mario Bellini Sudoku Shelving
  • Mario Bellini Sudoku Shelving
  • Mario Bellini Sudoku Shelving
Its name is Sudoku and it represents an enigma: it departs from every reassuring modular style and even from the physical manifestation of its image, instable and difficult to decipher. It is comprised of a blend of diverse horizontal and vertical elements. Some are dressed in a blazing uniform with strong light and dark contrasts, while others boast a perfectly reflective, silvery finish.

An unusual collection of surfaces with strong physicality, combined with the "absence" of mirrored sides and the infinite virtual illusions lent by the reflecting surfaces. Sudoku. A topological-perceptive enigma in which books and objects appear to multiply and increase.
The Sudoku bookcase comes in three styles: one in hand-applied silver leaf and Santo Brazilian rosewood, produced in a limited edition of 49 exemplars. The other standard versions include one with a white and black painted finish and the other in black and white plywood and a mirror-polished aluminum surface.

The unusual quality of the back, half as deep as the shelves, create an effective play on the parts and result in an array of possible compositions that become an original, harmonious and versatile unit.

Materials and finishes
Mirror-polished aluminum and black and white plywood; matt black and white painted; silver leaf and Santos Brazilian rosewood.

96 x 26 x H 197 cm (standard)
125 x 26 x H 149 cm (limited edition)

Mario Bellini