Marco Dessi Take Off Chair
  • Marco Dessi Take Off Chair
  • Marco Dessi Take Off Chair
Takeoff chair is inspired by the archetypal outdoor seating of the fifties and sixties, but its technical/sartorial details and wide coloured feet, like suction cups, evoke soft landings, creating an almost futuristic feel. The textile mesh seat, hooked onto the tubular metal structure with straps borrowed from the sporting world, envelops the body like a shell. Its circular shape, hoisted atop slender legs, gives a playful appearance, like a creature from Star Wars, recently arrived from a distant planet: firmly planted on the floor, thanks to its large, round feet, but ready for take off at any time. With a shape as simple as Giotto's O, its construction reveals all the skill of a concise, expert design.

Marco Dessi