Marcel Wanders Hortensia
  • Marcel Wanders Hortensia
  • Marcel Wanders Hortensia
After the recliner Pratone, the hall-tree Cactus, the seats Sassi and the table Massolo, Gufram's collection expands with a new icon that questions again our visual and tactile habits. Gufram's goal is to reproduce natural objects with the freedom of imagination, and with this project by Marcel Wanders we reach the apex of this jovial and wise exercise.

HORTENSIA is a bouquet full of air and life, a growing form laden with vibrant blue flowers. In the universe of products that strike the cords of visual art launched by Gufram, HORTENSIA finds its scope as a new icon of contemporary interior design. Born in complete accord with the dreaming spirit of the company, this new seat escapes any limiting typological definition. As a matter of fact, Marcel Wanders creates a lively colourful area, which is able to shatter the oppressive boundary of domestic walls. As only flowers can do, Hortensia leaves its mark more than thousand words can do, and turns into a visual poem, that speaks of a reassuring and at the same time delicate world, where one can rest. Hortensia's strength lies in its ability to be both a decorative and functional element.

Designed to be continuously admired from any angle you look at it, HORTENSIA reveals itself little by little in a magic gesture that only Nature can make.

126 x 120 x 62 cm.

Marcel Wanders