Marcel Wanders Cyborg 2 Chair
  • Marcel Wanders Cyborg 2 Chair
  • Marcel Wanders Cyborg 2 Chair
A cyborg is an organism that has both artificial and natural systems. The term was coined in 1960 by Manfred Clynes. In 1965, D.S. Halacy's Evolution of the Superman featured an introduction which spoke of a 'bridge... between mind and matter.' Fictional cyborgs are portrayed as a synthesis of organic and synthetic parts. Often their presence calls into question the difference between humans and machines as concer ned with morality, free will, and empathy.

The friction we feel between the natural and the artificial world is in fact a misconception; as there is no artificial world, there is only a natural world under the influence of its very own nature. We are part of this system, this system of constant trial and error, survival of the fittest. Our work is the result of our lives. Our lives the result of our work. Man is an animal creating ideas. It is in man's nature to do so.

Everything has been done. There are no new ideas left. Whatever we can think of... has been done before. We cannot invent lollypops any more, nor table-tennis, not soccer nor skyscrapers, not books nor virtual money. We cannot invent electronic agendas nor new excuses to be too late. Everything has been done! But in the world of our dreams we are constantly searching for new inventions. Looking for unknown species from the large family of little imaginative ideas.

We cannot make something truly 'new' - something that has never been seen- but we can make new combinations. Everyday.... (even more than once every day) we can find new combinations, new connections between all the things we take for granted... things that were once 'normal'... things that we haven't 'seen' for a long time... We can twist the world and its entangled constructions to surprise each other with untried and unex pected changes... with funny poetic insights... with technical twists that breathe new life into the world. To try to be only truthful is a cliché, a creative failing. We have to remind ourselves of the story tales we were told as children, these well-intended lies that taught us how to dream. As designers we have to lie like poets, to pair the unexpected to convey our imaginative vision.

We can enhance the world with a dream, a pairing. I love these little moments...they are always welcome in my world!

Marcel Wanders