Marcel Wanders Chrysalis Floor Lamp
  • Marcel Wanders Chrysalis Floor Lamp
With the Chrysalis floor lamp Marcel Wanders engages with one of the Flos brand’s most distinctive materials: the ‘cocoon’ resin used in the 1960s by the Castiglioni brothers and by Tobia Scarpa. The French designer uses this resin for its adaptability and high strength. More than 50 years have passed since the first applications of ‘cocoon’ in lighting and although the production technique has remained the same, the material has been improved and softened. As in the past, the resin is sprayed in three phases onto the skeleton of the lamp, and then covered with a special transparent finishing to protect it and improve the shine. Exploiting and enhancing the characteristics of this dynamic, malleable material, with Chrysalis Wanders has created an elegant lamp that draws its inspiration from a classic flower vase or the amphorae of antiquity.

Years ago, with his Zeppelin lamp, the designer had already demonstrated how suited this material was to creating highly original and extremely beautiful light fittings. With his latest creation Chrysalis, the designer revisits the perfect shape of the amphora but increases its size to two metres in height. Impressive and striking, in Wanders’ imagination Chrysalis becomes a ‘magic vase’ which, like a chrysalis, is waiting to become a butterfly. These visionary metaphors don’t disappoint our expectations. As well as producing light by means of a fluorescent tube in the main body, another light source at the top projects decorative beams of light onto the ceiling through a polyurethane ornament. Reflecting the original idea of the ‘magic vase’, Chrysalis scatters ethereal luminous flowers around itself, creating a pleasing and captivating play of reflections.

Marcel Wanders