Luis Eslava Party Armchair
  • Luis Eslava Party Armchair
  • Luis Eslava Party Armchair
Party is Sancal’s first model designed together with Luis Eslava. Under the motto "Don´t sit on it. Just enjoy it" we are delighted to present a versatile product which offers us new ways of interacting with and around the sofa. Multiple seat heights or the floor conquest comes true with this model, breaking any established barrier. Modularity is brought to extremes in Party, a tribute to the adaptation capacity fostered by Sancal’s products. Luis and Lorena designed Party to enable you to create the most suitable combination to cover your needs and demands on your daily life. Just think about how you would like to use the sofa and it will become real: meeting with friends, a family visit, and some games with your children or, simply, relax. Apart from the many possibilities and combinations, Party is the result of a careful handcrafted piece of work, which is witnessed by its production: its cord seaming, which remarks fabric changes, double seaming or the buttons sewed on its soft cushions, not to talk about it original arm, with a small table.

The seat cushions are a secret mixture of foam and fiber, maximizing comfort and durability. The 80cm and 95cm modules together with the 95x95 pouf are also available in an interactive version called modules with cushion: one cushion within the structure and individual one. The back side of these portable cushions is manufactured with an easy-cleaning non-slip fabric.

Luis Eslava