Luca Nichetto Shogun Sofa
  • Luca Nichetto Shogun Sofa
  • Luca Nichetto Shogun Sofa
In ancient Japan the "Shogun" was a military title. The sofa is inspired by the armor of these ancient warriors, characterized by an austere character. It offers protection while adjusting to the body shape. Shogun is made of a wrapped body carved in wood, stuffed with polyurethane, which can be fitted with a pleated leather or textile blanket, to be used according to the seasons, which makes it richer and more comfortable.

The blanket is an aesthetic and functional accessory, as well as a tribute to tradition: spread on sofas, it preserves the upholstery and keeps warm. Shogun comes with a pouf that can be used as a single bench or, if arranged side by side, as a long bench or a day bed.

Luca Nichetto