Luca Nichetto Poliart Tables
  • Luca Nichetto Poliart Tables
  • Luca Nichetto Poliart Tables
  • Luca Nichetto Poliart Tables
  • Luca Nichetto Poliart Tables
  • Luca Nichetto Poliart Tables
  • Luca Nichetto Poliart Tables
Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Istanbul. 4 cities, 4 cultures, 4 stories.

Born of his travels and his love of these European cities, Luca Nichetto was moved to create Poliart - a family of highly distinctive coffee tables. At the core of this project lies a concept of social design, in fact, a percentage of profits from the sales of the POLIART collection will be donated to carefully selected cultural associations in each of these cities. An attempt for design to take its place in safeguarding and conserving these extraordinary places for new generations of travelers and local inhabitants alike.

Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Istanbul - four cities characterized by millennia of heritage which have left a lasting impression on the designer. The stylized forms of the city maps have been taken and abstracted, adding an elegant structure to create a piece of occasional furniture. The choice of color for each table is also fruit of the personal experiences of the designer. Like many travelers, the memory of each city he visits is a composite of the sights, smells and of course, tastes experienced during his visit.

In Poliart the colors of the tables are dictated by a the local signature dish, or simply a memorable meal eaten in each place: Venice is brown like the famous dish pasta al nero di seppia; Barcelona is saffron yellow like a vast dish of paella; Istanbul is white, typical of the sweet rose-flavoured Turkish delight and its dusty sugary coating; Paris is a deep rich red, bringing to mind steak tartare or the rich, ruby tones of French burgundy.

Poliart is a unique project which brings together the personal experiences of the designer with a wider sociological responsibility for understanding, preserving and promoting the beauty and cultural history of these cities.

powder coated aluminium

Venice - brown; Istanbul - white; Paris - red; Barcelona - yellow

Venice - W 47,1 D 28,4 H 41;
Istanbul - W 72 D 39,5 H 25;
Paris - W45,5D42,7H49;
Barcelona - W51,2D43,7H33

Luca Nichetto