Luca Nichetto La Mise Sofa
  • Luca Nichetto La Mise Sofa
  • Luca Nichetto La Mise Sofa
La Mise wears its upholstery in a casual manner, like an informal dress, soft, rich and slightly padded. The sofa, result of a new collaboration with the Italian designer Luca Nichetto, is unique in the Cassina collection for its decorative and feminine features that make it intentionally empathetic, welcoming and above all comfortable, also thanks to its higher than usual seat.

Nichetto has really given value to the fabrics, a fundamental part of the Cassina culture and at the centre of an always attentive research. For the brand each type of upholstery is conceived to enhance the philosophy of a project, a shape, a form. In this case an abundance of material in a single and continuous piece creates a tailor-made dress for the sofa. Natural folds almost casually form with differing effects each time, following the silhouette of the piece, while the loose flaps of the armrests can be wrapped around oneself in an affectionate embrace.

Great attention has also been given to the macro zig zag stitching, a particularly complex work process as it is carried out on already assembled and stitched together fabric. The decorative stitching appears almost like tacks, in a palette of colours in contrast with the compact and smooth textured fabrics.

Luca Nichetto