Luca Nichetto and Massimo Gardone Wagashi Lamp
  • Luca Nichetto and Massimo Gardone Wagashi Lamp
  • Luca Nichetto and Massimo Gardone Wagashi Lamp
Poetry and practicality, concepts that are seemingly distant, combine in Wagashi, a large wall and ceiling light that represents the osmosis between different sensibilities and skills in different fields: photography and design on the artistic side and, on the entrepreneurial front, Foscarini's expertise in interpreting projects and translating them into serial creations.

Together with the interaction of eclectic synergies that have combined photographic design with lighting, there is a wide range of research in this project: in materials, in the selection of printing techniques and image transfer onto the chosen fabric and in the choice of the most suitable colours, thanks to the help of the 'Master of Colours' Giulio Ridolfo. Wagashi is the perfect decor element. It has a strong presence that is full of personality, but is at the same time ethereal and elegant, with a pleasant synthesis of Eastern-inspired lines and decoration. Its name, Wagashi, is also a sign of this. Wagashi are artistic sweets that are part of ancient Japanese tradition, which appear in numerous varieties inspired by the changing of the seasons.
In the same way, the alternating pale and bright colours of petals and corollae, artistic photographs by Massimo Gardone, characterise the neutral fabric that combines with Luca Nichetto's trademark simple, eccentric shapes in an interplay of shades, brushstrokes and chiaroscuro.

Wagashi has a metallic structure covered in fabric printed using a sublimation process. It illuminates completely and guarantees uniform, optimal lighting.

Wall and ceiling lamp in fireproof fabric with photographic images.

Colours: white, black, orange and yellow

large 100x87x20 cm (lxhxd)
medium 70 x61x14 cm (lxhxd)
small 52 x45x10 cm (lxhxd)
large incandescent 4x60W
large fluorescent 1x55W
medium incandescent 4x40W
medium fluorescent 1x55W
small incandescent 2x40W
small fluorescent 1x22W

Luca Nichetto and Massimo Gardone