Louis Poulsen Nimbus Lamp
  • Louis Poulsen Nimbus Lamp
  • Louis Poulsen Nimbus Lamp
  • Louis Poulsen Nimbus Lamp
Nimbus provides distinct accent lighting and sets scenes, creating drama and highlighting architectural features.
Finish: Stainless steel.
Material: Sleeve: Marine grade 316 stainless steel. Glass: Toughened clear glass. Top plate: Marine grade 316 stainless steel. Housing: Teflon coated, aluminium coloured, die cast aluminium.
Mounting: Sleeve: Recommended mounting in optional installation sleeve. Installation sleeve (Ø 129x137mm) to be ordered separately. Ø 125mm is mounted in level with the ground. Ø 150mm is mounted on the ground. Terminal block: 2x3x2.5mm². Cable entries: Standard: 1x M20 IP68 gland for Ø 6-12mm cable. DMX: 3x M20 IP68 glands for Ø 6-12mm cable. Inground: Suitable for mounting in wood, burial in earth/pea shingle, or cast into concrete.

Weight: Max. 2kg.
Class: Ingress protection IP67. Electric shock protection I w. ground.
Info notes: For specification on LED types please consult your local Louis Poulsen Lighting supplier. DMX: Delivered as DMX controlable. Special DMX cables available from Louis Poulsen Lighting. Square bevelled top plates available on request. Emergency versions available on request. Please use Ø 150mm sleeve for both Ø 150mm and 130x130mm fittings.

Nimbus Clear LED
Nimbus Opal LED
Nimbus Power LED

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