Lluis Codina Net Table
  • Lluis Codina Net Table
  • Lluis Codina Net Table
The main feature of net table, designed by Lluis Codina, is its asymmetric perimeter, which inside forms a structure of interconnected links in the shape of a net. Between the peculiarities of this table stands out, moreover, the possibility of combining the pedestal with two different table tops: Werzalit® or phenolic compact, both in several square sizes or also available with an asymmetric phenolic compact table top. This last option bring to the whole a unique play on shapes as the table top is suggested as a projection of its own pedestal base.

This is an original proposal for contract projects when trying to create singular atmospheres with an attractive compositions.

Table for indoor and/or outdoor use. Cast aluminum pedestal base, white or black painted or matt painted aluminum. Matt anodized aluminum tube or black or white painted finish. Werzalit® or phenolic compact table top. UV protection.

Werzalit® or phenolic compact table top in white color.

Werzalit® 70x70, 80x80, 90x90
Phenolic compact 70x70, 80x80, asymmetric

Lluis Codina

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