LK  Skot Lamp
  • LK  Skot Lamp
  • LK  Skot Lamp
Skot Wall/Ceiling provides both direct and diffuse lighting with a choice of either clear or white opal diffuser. The half-masked crossguard accentuates the downlight.

Finish: Aluminium coloured or graphite, powder coated.

Story behind the product
Skot is a traditional maritime design. A simplification of the bulkhead lamps from ships. The name is a danish word for bulkhead. The lamps are both used outside og inside the ships. They where protected by the cross or a net of metal, which in fact did not have a big influence on the light distribution. Still these kind of light fixtures are used on ships but due to the influence the maritime environment has on e.g. fashion these fixture has been used in a lot of other purposes where you wish to have either a maritime environment or a robust lighting fixture. The basic design is more than 100 years old.


Louis Poulsen