Lignum Arts Diverso Table
  • Lignum Arts Diverso Table
  • Lignum Arts Diverso Table
Extendable tables usually pull out lengthwise. Diverso differs, in that it can be widened. Combining aesthetics and technical levels, Diverso is unique in its own field - it's a table with two personalities. Firstly it presents itself an integrally veneered, closed surface. Once opened, though, its distinctive scissors design appears.

Diverso is a masterpiece of aesthetics thanks to the innovative, handcrafted technology it contains - it needs no extra panels, no additionals or accessories to achieve its greater width. To alter its appearance and size, a simple cranking action is all it takes.

width 940 - 1240 mm
height 720 mm
length 2100 mm, 2400 mm, 2700 mm

Lignum arts

Team by Wellis