Lambert Werkstätten Sitting Bull Day Bed
  • Lambert Werkstätten Sitting Bull Day Bed
  • Lambert Werkstätten Sitting Bull Day Bed
In spring, this generously proportioned "island" made of SunlLux comes in a new interpretation: elegant black is to underline the perfect union of individualism and highest comfort presented by the inviting day bed Sitting Bull.

The fibre with unique character/ quality!
The winded vein on the fibre surface was built by a special cord pressed technique.
This technique is superior to the traditional Vinyl wicker fibre, gives more natural appearance to the furniture and more elegance with finer details.
The inside material is made of 5000 Denier-Polyester-thread and the outside material is coated by Polyvinyl-compound.

Provided with best quality for outdoor climate as well as for the requirement on functional furniture: robustness, waterproof, tear proof, UV resistance, flexibility, wear strength and a smooth surface.
The Sunloom fibre was exclusively developed by our manufacture who is the worldwide biggest supplier for polyester-fabric coated by Vinyl we are dealing with. Our manufacturer has produced similar fabrics for the garden furniture industry for more than 20 years

Lambert Werkstätten