Lagranja Design Bucky Lamp
  • Lagranja Design Bucky Lamp
  • Lagranja Design Bucky Lamp
Any child who has looked up at the sky, chasing after kites, cannot help but be fascinated by the lamp designed by the studio Lagranja.

Bucky is just like a kite which appears from nowhere, light as a feather, twisting and turning, lit up by the white, orange and purple reflections of the filters placed at the ends of its diffusers.

Bucky is a minimal yet surprisingly rigid composition, the only definition being the soft touch cable which is pulled tight, giving it shape and structure. As well as carrying the electric current, the wire also provides support for the three blown glass rods, hanging like an acrobat from a rope.

Bucky also pays tribute to Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller, the visionary American architect and designer who was the first to experiment with tensile structures, which have been used to create this lampshade.

Pendant (floor lamp and table lamp) consisting of three 700 mm milk white blown glass rods. The orange and purple versions are fitted with two coloured glass filters in each rod.

Connecting wire in white silicone.

The lamp is fitted with six energy saving 60 W halogen light bulbs (two for each rod) with a G9 base.

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