Koray Malhan Rarum Shelving
  • Koray Malhan Rarum Shelving
  • Koray Malhan Rarum Shelving
Presenting a brand new approach to storage and display needs, Rarum offers a different solution for each environment with options of single, double or triple layers, while introducing an extraordinary stance to office environments.

Offering an unconventional concept for 'Lounge' like waiting areas and even large areas such as executive rooms, Rarum was developed by being inspired by Herzog & De Meuron from Schaulager Museum where storage is as crucial as display. In this approach, the empty section between the boxes is utilized as a usage and display area. When the closed boxes are opened, large drawers and shelves, where you can put your office belongings such as files and books, appear.

The visible section of cupboards forms the character of the design and these sections enrich the atmosphere of the space depending on the objects in the open area. The cupboard can be used both alone and as a set; and adds the space the effect of an enormous horizontal structure. Rarum can be used in front of a wall; but it makes a much stronger impact and adds value to work areas when used in free areas where it functions as a warm partition to ensure that one feels engrossed in the whole depth of the space.

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