Konstantin Grcic Teepee Chair
  • Konstantin Grcic Teepee Chair
  • Konstantin Grcic Teepee Chair
The strict architectural structure of Teepee gives little hint of the enormous design effort that went into its development. At first glance it resembles a very thin leather shell, moulded into slants and curves and containing a seat made from equally thin leather. A super-minimal interpretation of the material which, by removing heaviness, superfluous detail and unnecessary volume takes us back to the complexity of its manufacture.

Starting from the assumption that leather is not in itself a load-bearing material, thermoforming covered on both sides has been inserted to make it stiffer but at the same time more flexible, and thus more comfortable; it has been used on the seat and on the main structure, the base of which is in turn strengthened with a metal frame in the form of a half-cone, again covered in leather.

The final effect is of a chair in which a very fine layer of leather follows the basic linear geometry without interruption and is able to provide maximum comfort thanks to the sloping nature of the seat and the back, both meticulously designed according to the response of the material to the special treatments it has undergone. The complete absence of stitching all along the outer edge is the result of a special "scraping up" technique used to gradually reduce the thickness between the two layers until it is reduced to nothing and they become integrated.

Konstantin Grcic