Khodi Feiz Palma Chair
  • Khodi Feiz Palma Chair
  • Khodi Feiz Palma Chair
The Dutch designer Khodi Feiz has again created a new furniture line for the Swedish design company Offecct. This time it is a lounge chair inspired by the palm of a hand cradling the human body. The chair's simple mono-form describes the seat, back support, and arm-rests in a single gesture.

With its frame of wood fibre by-products and seam-free upholstery, Palma is a good environmental choice. Above all, Khodi Feiz and Offecct have worked together to create an easy chair with a long lifespan. The chair is both physically durable and has a timeless, elegant design.

The chair has a relaxed shape that invites comfortable and flexible sitting postures.

The chair is clearly informal. Its designer would like to see Palma in people's homes as much as in office environments. Palma is beautiful as a stand-alone piece of furniture but several can also be arranged together to create a distinct pattern in a room.

Palma is Khodi Feiz's second product for Offecct. In 2002 the company presented his K-line functional living accessories. The collaboration between the designer and the furniture manufacturer is very successful. Feiz finds the Scandinavian design style particularly appealing:

"There is something very attractive about Scandinavian design. It is light, elegant, and highly intelligent - precisely the same impression that I want my own designs to make."

Frame in laminated wood with cold foam. Upholstered in fabric. 4-feet or swivel base in chrome.

Khodi Feiz