Kazuhiko Tomita Futon Seat
  • Kazuhiko Tomita Futon Seat
  • Kazuhiko Tomita Futon Seat
Futon takes its name from the combination of the meanings of two Japanese terms.
Futon is the Japanese bed formed by a pair of mattresses, one heavier and the other lighter and rectangular, like a quilt and used as a cover, that are laid directly on the floor. When not in use they are folded and put away.

Futton also means floating in the air, blown by a strong wind.

In this case Futton is an armchair with an organic, elegant, soft shape. Its lines are curved to give the sensation of comfort and protection.

The upholstered seat appears to float, suspended in the air, and rests on a lightweight tubular metal frame.

The fabrics used for covering the seat are the precious and multicoloured fabrics of traditional Japanese kimonos.

Kazuhiko Tomita